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Today, Web3 has become a catchall term representing the vision of a brand new and better Internet. The core of Web3 is to employ blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to return power to users in the form of ownership. The global capital markets, developers, and users are showing unprecedented enthusiasm for the progress of the fundamental technologies and applications of the next-generation Internet represented by Web3.
We believe that, by the very nature of Web3, each user can control and even own the Internet content they create, leading to the development of a new generation of Internet of Value. Web3.0 will create new economies, new product categories, and new online services, return democracy to the web and define the next era of the Internet. Additionally, the experiments of Web3 protocol in economic design, incentive adjustment, and governance will affect not only the Internet but also the "real world".
Through the Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon held from July to September 2022, we hope to continue to rely on Japan's preferential policies and resources in the Web3 industry, identify early-stage quality projects around the world, and help and support them with funding, resources, and talents to build the future of Web3.

Looking forward to the Japanese market and empowering the Japanese encryption market.


Total investment amount

$10 million USDT

Winning projects will receive a certain amount of rewards and may receive millions of dollars of ecological investment support.


Champion 20000 USDT 

2nd runner-up 10000 USDT*2

Runner up 5000 USDT *6

[ 2nd runner-up *2 ]




[ Champion * 1 ]




[ Runner up *6 ] 





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Cryptogram Venture (CGV) is a Japan-based research and investment institution engaged in crypto.
With the business philosophy of "research-driven investment", it has participated in early investments in FTX, Republic, CasperLabs, AlchemyPay, Graph, Bitkeep, Pocket, and Powerpool, as well as the Japanese government-regulated yen stablecoin JPYW, etc. Meanwhile, CGV FoF is the limited partner of Huobi venture, Rocktree capital, Kirin fund, etc.
From July to October 2022, it launched the first TWSH in Japan, which was jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Keio University, SONY, SoftBank, and other institutions and experts.
Currently, CGV has branches in Singapore, Canada, and China.


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Keio University is the oldest private and comprehensive institution of higher education in Japan. Since its inception in 1858, it has established its status as a top university in Japan through unremitting efforts in education, research, and medicine, cultivating a host of leading and diverse talents for various sectors of society.


MetaFocus is a Web3 project incubator that helps projects grow. The founding team of MetaFocus is senior Crypto Builders from Singapore, Japan, Canada, and Hong Kong. It is headquartered in Singapore and has branch offices in Japan and Canada.


TEAMZ Inc. is a digital creative group that provides business strategies and solutions to Web3-related companies seeking new possibilities. We support our clients in Japan by providing a one-stop service from planning to development and subsequent support for Web3 products and services such as NFTs, DAOs, GameFi, wallets, and metaverse integration.


Metaverse Post is the fastest-growing media about Metaverse, Web3, NFTs, and cutting-edge tech like Ai, VR, and XR. 

We also offer a wide range of content and special products catered towards investors, such as dynamic dashboards and fundraising reports.

Anyone interested in Metaverse, from a young geek to a seasoned investor will find Mpost interesting and valuable for a daily read.

Support Agency


Entry Requirements and Selection Criteria

Entry Requirements

Traditional Internet developers and blockchain developers who are interested in Web3, developers, engineers, product managers and UI designers with innovative and creative abilities.



Project team, team members need more than 4 full-time employees


The project has been established for more than 6 months (if any)


Shortlisted projects participate in online or offline roadshows. When participating in online project roadshows, you need to show your face throughout the process, and you cannot turn off the camera. Offline roadshows must be delivered by the project creators on the spot.


Project endorsement, with Token Fund or media endorsement of the project (if any)


Marketing promotion. The participating projects need to have the ability to promote the market and submit the project news release (if any) published by the third-party news media.


Looking forward to the Japanese market and empowering the Japanese encryption market


Potential impact
on the industry


Does it fill a gap, and is it likely to be used frequently by many, increasing, and diverse users or markets? Does it solve a challenging Web3 infrastructure technology problem logically and innovatively?



Does it have unique and novel features or incorporate features of other products or services in a unique and novel way?


Visual expressiveness

Is the UI design good? Is it smooth and intuitive for developers?



Is it creative and makes people willing to use it?

Scoring criteria


Technical achievements

Is the code well written? Is the project code base construction complete? Is this project a complete product for the end user?

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